Sunday, July 31, 2005

MASUM swimming circuit...

Masum circuit 1 swimming event have just passed.

It's first time that MMU swim team joined the competition and turned out that MMU is no. 2 in the medals tally.

3 gold , 4 silver and 6 bronze... and 2 record breaking!

*clap clap* to mmu swim team...

Friday, July 29, 2005

satay kajang~~

hoho... Mr. Faizal belanja the Interfac committee to makan satay kajang at Medan Satay Kajang yesterday nite...

in total, it cost RM250++... know y? cos got Rusa,Arnab,Kambing,Ikan n bla bla bla! hahaha

champion of satay eater... Ong Yu Huann - treasurer of interfac wif number of 32 sticks!

Monday, July 25, 2005

it's Moanday.....

oh... it's Moanday!... oops.. i mean Monday... beginning of the week... but this week is the last week of July... going to get pay-cheque! yey!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

swim swim Inter-Faculty

Dun know where to start this...
let's try this way...

Early saturday morning at 10am... *yawn*... woke up from my nice n cosy bed... woke up to prepare some paper work for inter-fac...

then shoot off to campus to meet up wif rest of the guys... had some jokes wif few swimmers, committees... then arrange stuff... bla bla bla... hahaha around 12, we drove to bukit jalil in a convoy... ahh not forget to mention... the driver sent by mmu to drive us was a lady... wif sun glasses and stuff... cool looking! hahaha

on the way to bukit jalil aquatic center, we used serdang route there... alamak... the route is full of cars! caught in the jam... used around 1 hour to reach aquatic center.

working committee briefing by yee yoong... then i went home to get white board marker and some of my stuff... >:)

back to the swimming pool... the referee is already here. then the referee brief the working committee wif more details to ease the process during the swimming competition.

bla bla bla...

swimming competition starts, malacca swimming team was here too for MASUM selection... MASUM will be held next Saturday.

so we slot in some events for MASUM selection, then some events for InterFac. For the relay events, malacca team joined us in the swimming too... hahaha so that it wun b so boring...

gosh... today abit bad luck... goggles dropped down to my face when i jumped into the swimming pool... *malu*
once was during 4x50m breaststroke... dropped till my neck.
another time was 4x25m breaststroke... this time... my goggles dropped to my mouth! gosh... i can't even breath! arghhhhhhh... had to pull it off..!

during 25m breast-stroke... addy swam together wif us... me n addy had a joke... he said... y not swim abit slowly, wait for each other... then have some fun... and shout at each other...

jumped down to the water... then when i was up , i couldn't c addy by my side i thought that addy was somewhere else... then was half way through the pool, suddently i heard one familiar voice inside the pool... haha that was addy... he was calling me while he is up to breath! but i was a lil far in front of him... so... :D

after all the events, we threw yeeyoong into the swimming pool... haha... know y? cos president is always the main target when we wanna throw someone into the pool...
i got grabbed too! argh... but then it was fun... haha..

after closing the event, it's dinner time... around 16 of us went to Sri Petaling for Porridge Streamboat... sounds weird??? haha... yes it is... extraordinary...

this steamboat, instead of using soup to heat up and cook the meats and vege, they used porridge instead... yum yum!!!

*burp*... that's how i spend this saturday on interfac... oh ya... my camera got splashed by water... :( some water got into the lense area... hopefully the chip is not damaged... :D

here's a picture of everyone in this swimming competition!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

superbly boring industrial training days~~

have you ever thought of finishing off your studies and jump to the world of working and "freedom"? earning your own cash and spend it?

i guess u better think twice before you waste your studying life. appreciate studying life.

i am a third year student now... going to graduate real soon... i am doing my industrial training now at Panasonic R&D center.

oh gosh... my life have not been so BORING ever! a fixed routine!

just imagine ...
wake up around 8.30 in the morning.
brush teeth.
take bath.
get dressed.
pack up stuff.
drive to office.
reach office, c team leader to get task ( or continue previous day's task).
make some hot milo and eat biscuit
continue working.
Lunch time. Eat.

after lunch, continue working.
3~4pm. tea time. make coffee and eat biscuit.
work till 6.30 or 7 or sometime later.
go back......

this is how i spend my day time for more than 2 and half months now!
it's so darn routine!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Craziest Nite since monthssssssss ago... 2005/06 Swim Club Ice Breaking Nite

Not Wet Not Swim CLub.... this is the words that i always tell to the committees and also the members...

went there around 9pm. had to settle some stuff for Interfac. Then i joined the party ...

Most of the people was getting themself into the games.. left some lazy bums still at the side if the game floor. and bla bla bla......

After all the dry games, here comes everyone's favourite! wet games... when they started their wet games, i already kept all my electronic gadgets into the car. and got my weapon... *jeng jeng jeng* Squeeze Bottle!

went to the tap to fill some water.... then there comes the Devil Ex-President! muahahahaha went around squeezing the water .. getting those dry ppl wet... especially those swimmers, committees, friends, and some of the playful participants... i got chased by kiatsoon with a pail of water.. gosh... Run... Run for my life! but then... after escaping... i got ambushed again... top to toe, all wet! even everything inside!

suddently at the last game, wow... Rain pouring down! alot of ppl was hiding and running away from the rain. Esp. Girls... but not forgetting alot of boys was running for their life too!
the committees was bz helping cleaning out the stuff... tables, food, PA system. Then all of us had fun in the rain...

i was still holding my "weapon" i went filled up water... then i put a few tiny blocks of ice into it. then i went to yeeyoong(aka swim club 05/06 president) and pour.... just imagine the suddent freeze! shoik! then most of us continue havin fun in the rain with more water... basically at the end of the session, everyone is soaking wet... girls, guys - all wet from outside in.

everyone is so freezing cold [cause of wet wet + wind blow] *geez* ... but we took one picture in the rain too... (dun know what happened to the camera... cannot fit everyone's face into it... only 4 of us + quarter of harry's)

last but not least... Swim Club MMU cyber the best! Swimming for life

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