Monday, November 28, 2005

oh yeah! it's my bday!!! muahahahaha...

yesterday(saturday 26th Nov) had party at home... invited my close frens and also family members to celebrate it together... all together around 80 person turned up... woo hoo... most of my invitees turned up... but got some... neva turn up... :(( my best bday present is those ppl who came! ahahahaha thanx loads guys..! u make my day... ahahahaha and also thanx for all the prezzie... it's all choosen with "heart"...

My cake! muahahahahahahahaa it's 8kg (cost alot too... thanx dad!)

this is the presents from my frens and relative! hahahaha... cool ehh? haha... i love them all! but the most i love is my party that my parents threw for me... it will be my best bday ever in my life!!!!!
frens from MMU cyber
frens since high skooool

frens from PRDCM (panasonic r&d center malaysia)not forgetting... my family *muacks*

haha this bday gonna be very memorable! haha i am a lil on high mood now! it's my bday!!! :)) hahaha i am officially 21st on 28th Nov 2005! giv me a buzz to send me a bday wish... it will brighten up my day even more! i am waiting... hahahahahahha

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

saddening.. :(

invited some close frens over to my party... :( but then so many of them says that they cannot attend and stuff... and those are the ppl i really hope they were there.. :( hmmm... i dun think i wanna throw another party already... :(