Sunday, April 30, 2006

MMU Awards Night 2005/2006

yesterday was MMU Awards Night 2005/2006...

it's "Academy Awards" for all achievers in co-curicular activities..

Swim Club made history...

Best / Most Significant Event (Sports) -> MMU-Rakan Muda Swimming Carnival 2006
Outstanding Achievement Award ( Female) -> Chiam Yee Yoong
Sportsmen of the Year (Female) -> Chiam Yee Yoong
Sportsmen of the Year (Male) -> Rusdi Talib Sanad

woo hooo...

Friday, April 28, 2006

i got drunk!!

i felt stupid...i felt embarrassed...


thanx to those who carried me home...
this is the first and the last time... :) promise

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beauties of UNite...

Beautiful frens... pretty in their heart... (this is only the first one... cannot fit all inside... :D )

only had time to arrange for one... more to come~~ this is only the beginning

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i got a gift...

i got a gift today...
Thank You maywan! :D

Monday, April 17, 2006

UNite '06

let's comment a lil on UNite '06... it have been one year since the last UNite '05 which was held in rennaisence hotel...

this year's UNite is held at Putrajaya International Conference Center (PICC)...

here is some rating...

Occasion : Good ( it's a prom!! a place to UNite frens together and be pretty!!)
Event : BAD (badly organised..)
Venue : Good (very beautiful place... proud of it)
People(organising comm) : OKOK la... (some ill treated my fren & the language they use... sigh)
People(participants) : Perfect (everyone is so beautiful tat nite...)
Food : Sucked big time... ( u call that food or dog food? )
Service(waiter) : Bad... very bad... (lack of manpower and not professional + slow...)
Performance : Boring and silly (Except Violin performance... she is damn good~!)
Time Management : Screwed!!! (they are late for one hour... the food are late too... 12am for Main Dish???? wat the.. and they rushed us off from the hall...)

picture will be up later... :D

here is a link to our MMU SCR Forum... where all the complaints are... 9 pages in 48 hours... amazing... :-o

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Being a leader...

Being a leader is never an easy task...
as people said... leader is an enemy of all... but a good leader will reverse that...

Being a leader... it's not all about the capability... it's about responsible... it's about role modeling... and etc...

a most basic quality that a good leader has is morality and morality is the basic of all qualities...


words can be rather helpful or damaging... it can revive a soul... but it can also kill a soul...
it can be as sweet as honey... but it can be as spicy as cili padi



Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Swensens Food Galore~

Today is Tuesday! Today is Earth Quake Day!!! Earth Quake is on 50% off normal price!!! and not forgetting today is a public holiday too...
we kids do not have classes... so off we go to Swensens @ SS2, PJ.

this is our target : Earth Quake!!! *earthhhhhhhh shakinggggggggggggg*

wonder what is that wannie doing? *hmmm* let's see what she took

"Terms and Condition" ??? look below

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... promotion not valid on public holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wannie enjoying the "terms and condition" picture she took...
wing being usual, not smiling, *blur* mode...

wannie... being mischevious... kacau her bf... *wing wing...*

time to order our "main course*
our orders :-
wing - terriyakki chicken speghetti
wannie - Caesar Salad with breaded fish
eugene - Some salmon speghetti
f.yie - Caesar Salad [only]

me - check out those below...
*jeng jeng jeng*

- Apple Crumble

apple crumble on hot plate, topped with ice cream...
served with apple chunks in caramel and butterscotch cream sauce


after finished that apple crumble, i felt that i am not full...
so i ordered my a second dish...

- Omelette
wrapping inside [ mushroom & cheese ] *slurpp*
it smell of cheese!!!

okie... after done with our main course, we ordered our Earthhh quakeeeeeeeeee

[table is cleared and prepared for our Earthhhh quakeeeeeee]

[our "weapon" to attack the Earthhhhh quakeeeeeee]

woah... FINALLY... it's here!!! it's here... it's Smookinggg...
[8 scoops of ice cream and toppings]
-thin mint
-sticky chewy chocolate
-mocha almond fudge
-pistachio almond
-lime shebert
-frosted chocolate malt

they are all ready to action... look at their faces... all ready....


[after almost 15 minutes...]

the earth quake is gone!!! :-o

[all earth quake warriors is happy... sweetened from mouth down to tummy]

here is a lil history about swensen's.... enjoy ;)

Monday, April 10, 2006

my king's new clothes...

wuahahaha.. my king finally got it's long awaited clothes...

it has several attributes :
1) Glows in the Dark
2) Covers every part of the King
3) It gets dirty very fast
4) it's Sticky *huh??*

my king's iSkin Evo2... *ngek ngek ngek*

the clothes!

the "King" with it's clothes + earbud + iBuds

it's brand name.. iSkin evo2 A

it's full package.. comes with belt clip, screen cover, click wheel cover and etc...

and lastly... it glowssssssssssssssss in the dark... *spooky*

ngek ngek ngek

Sunday, April 09, 2006

my FYP

long awaited final year project's core program... is now done!!! we are almost there!!!

my fyp : Presence Enabled Mobile Contact List using SIP
my groupmate : Ezriq & Guan Teik
my Supervisor : Ezmir Razali
my moderator : Kelvin Yeow
supported by : Siemens Surpass Lab @ MMU

figure 1.1 - splash screen (this emulator's screen is too big else it will look good)

figure 1.2 - the main screen

now... i need to decorate my GUI... any ideas??

1) background colour or background image
2) application icon

Saturday, April 08, 2006

yey yey... my new leather shoe

wuahahaha... at last... i bought a new leather shoe that i like... my old one have been following me for more than 5 years... first time wearing it when i was in Form 3... that was when i was 15... now i am 22... ahhhhhhhh i am getting real old... the old one have been loyal to me.. until recently it have broke down due to long term of service...

so here i introduce my new leather shoe...
which only cost me rm139... very good deal *wink wink*

Figure 1.1 - It's inside the box with 2 seperate bag for each shoe

Figure 1.2 - This is the 2 bag that the shoe is in while it's in the box

Figure 1.3 - *tada* This is my new shoe... made by Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

*happy happy* i got new shoe for UNite and Monash's Immortelle Prom... *wink wink*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Easter Event Nite Event

hoho.. in the midst of studying for wireless computing's midterm... i went to easter event wif danny...

i would say they kinda kept the tradition of Cyberchristmas... although the starting of it was kinda blood puking(too long of an easter intro) , but the ending was okay... hehe great dance move by auds.. lol