Saturday, January 27, 2007

Classis joke of the year!

a colleague of mine send me this link of youtube...

it's damn funny... kekeke

we RK House neva sell any PORKU over here!!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

stitch's evening out wif lilo...~

stitch dated lilo for the first time... :p

so lilo and i went to Tony Roma @ Sunway Pyramid...

a lil description about Tony Roma...

Malaysia is Tony Roma's 33rd Country for the food chain store...

the view at the restaurant is beautiful as it's facing the sunway lagoon...

it's a nice and cosy place with dimmed lighting... which is quite a romantic environment...
we were guided to our table and given our Menu...

the waiter recommended one coconut-mango-flavored mocktail... and another pineapple-flavored mocktail... (i forgotten what is the names :P)

the food there is just SO-SO only... not really as good as they claimed it...
but the presentation is not too bad at all...

on the left is my "Grilled Lamb Steak" and on the right is lilo's "Grilled Mahi Mahi"

the nite was good... nice environment... and nice company... keke... had a good chat wif my buddy...

lilo and stitch

anyway... something happened in the restaurant... so the Restaurant's Manager waived our bill.. so in another word... we got free dinner! :D

lilo leaving for ali baba land soon... :( sad sad

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

college drop out...~

how come college drop out is so rich and successful arr?

Steve Jobs - CEO of Apple Inc, and CEO of Pixar Animation
Bill Gates - Founder of Microsoft...

and me... a University graduate... earning peanut by working my ass off at eBworx...

eBworx = Extra Banyak works!
and we are always prepared... to repair!


inspirational speech by Steve Jobs... [saw it at +1's blog]

Sunday, January 21, 2007

make the world a better place...~

life hasn't been easy since we are born...

we have to eat, sleep, play, bath, learn, work and go poo poo...
and the cycle go on and on and on from the day we are born until we pass away...

it's not simple at all...
so when we know that we have to go on with this routine for years to come, and we know that life it's not easy to come by... so why do we need to make life such a hell for us and also for the people around us?

we should help each other to make the world a better place instead of putting everyone that we care and cares for us in a LIVING HELL...

when we have a crisis ourself, we should talk to someone that we are comfortable with and someone who we trust... but not keeping the anger to ourself and injure those beings that cares for us...

i remember there is 2 song that i like it very much... which pretty much fit into this topic...

- Voices That Care

Written by David Foster, Linda Thompson and Peter Ceter and recorded by a supergroup of popular musicians, entertainers and athletes. (adapted from wikipedia)

This song is written specially for the soldiers of United States of America which faught in 1991 gulf war... a war that sacrifised thousand of innocent soul because the greed and ignorance of leaders from various nation... and it also shows that how dumb is the president of United State. (news)

I heard this song back in year 1999 during a camp at the buddhist temple... the camp committees played this song during one session to remind us that we should spread the voices that care to ppl around us...

- Heal The World

This song is composed by the great King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson in 1991. Produced by Michael Jackson and David Foster(the guy who written voices that care).

This song is about written to tell the world population about the misfortuned children around the world. It also tell us about the destruction we are putting our world through...

This song also is to remind us to make world a better place for you and me... :)

Hope everyone can enjoy both the songs and benifit from this post

*this post is specially dedicated for someone...*


starbucks' coffee is yummy...
just had one just now... yum yum

Hot Steaming cup of Cappocino... yum yum... thanx to someone... i get to enjoy it tonite again...
2 nites in a row... keke

i have sticked the "carbon fiber" sticker on most part of my laptop already...
some of u must be asking what do i do that... it's because it looks kinda nice! and to protect what ever that is need to be protected (palm rest, touch pad, keyboard and etc..)...

here is a picture of the outcome...

a : closed lid ; b: opened...

Mac just love banging PC... (directly and indirectly banging Microsoft Windows)
here is one quite recent ad that is nice and cute... enjoy!
can see more ad here (u need to install quicktime)

i want one too...

Friday, January 19, 2007


thursday just passed... friday comin... and there comes my weekend... *yippie*

have been bz for the past 3 days...
many small small things happened...
for example...

my car got problem wif the clutch as the metal plate on the car chassis is torn... so had to send to workshop on monday

then faced alot of small small bugs wif my work... (App info screen)

then on wednesday, after lunch, we went and catch up the cruiser which was parked at BHP petrol in SS2... got myself a COCA-COLA cap

then as for thursday... Maxine was in The Star!!! The title of the article was " 22-year-old student has the best pair of legs"
more stories at

*drum roll* here i present u maxine... the one in the middle!

Have been raining whole night for now... road have been wet and slippery.. and i saw a car fell inside the drain in between the divider at the LDP-Bukit Jalil Highway... the feller must be trying to act "hero" la... in the end, ended up inside the longkang...

here is something i would like to share... nice song *sway*

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Places that i would like to visit someday...

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa
Kenya, Africa

Gunung Tahan, Pahang
Sipadan, Sabah
Sepilok, Sabah

The Imperial Palace ,Beijing, China

Hawaii, USA
Mediterranean Sea

Angkor Wat, Cambodia - DONE!! (may 2008)
Halong Bay, Vietnam Done... (Nov 2009)
Bangkok, Thailand - DONE!! (may 2008)
Ho Chi Minn City, Vietnam - DONE!! (may 2008)
vientiene and luang prabang @ laos
Koh Lipe@Thailand
Paris, France
Vatican City
Alps, Switzerland
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Venice, Italy
Mont Blanc, Italy
Milan, Italy (my city... )

Perth, Australia
Gold Coast, Australia
Yunnan, China (partly done.. Nov 09)

I had...

i had...

- my coco krunch breakfast
- done 2 hour plus of climbing at camp 5 (tried boudering and trait wall as well)
- my hair cut at kimarie
- dinner wif wingy and wannie at Marco's pizza!

about me??? oooo

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Friday, January 12, 2007

wooo i belong to Milan

You Belong in Milan

Stylish and sophisticated, you want to enjoy a truly European life - away from tourists!
Milan fits you perfectly. Great shopping, high quality food, lots of culture... with very little hype.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007


it took me ONE HOUR to drive through a road that is around 2 kilometer!!!! just because at the end of 2KM is one JAMMED UP round about...

idiots who do not how to use the round about should be BURNED IN HELL!!!


Today is Thursday... one more day to weekend!!!

yey... this week indeed is very short... looking forward to saturday as it's my rock climbing day...

was sick for the whole day... wet nose running around the office...

finished task early... so had nothing much to do... did a lil reading on J2me... a lil reading on J2ee and EJB...

630... ringgggg... it's time to go... the road is all jammed up... damn it... everywhere is jammed... it took me 1 hour plus to reach home... :|

today is also badminton day... the session is good... had some good smashing and won some games... :D *proud* :P

time to sleep!!! nite

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First day of work in Year 2007

first and foremost, Happyyyyy working in year 2007!

wanna wish everyone good health, prosperous, and smooth year ahead!!!

today is the first day of work for the new year... it started not bad... i am on time to work...

the office is full of ppl again... as everyone is back from year end holidays!

hmm what else?

internet is still that slow... unable to chat wif a lot of ppl...

had lunch wif wannie as she is at DKSH pj office...

then back from lunch... (now only i realise that there is a lil distance walking to Dksh >.<" )

continue on my quest on finding a e-book on photoshop picture editing...
(and i got it! <:-P Understanding: Adobe® Photoshop®: Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques By Richard Harrington )

then then chatted wif some collegues that went missing 2 weeks ago... they went for their year end holiday.. then only found out that another female collegue bought the "nutcracker" keychain that i got for wings, wannie and uncle bigbadwolf...

and now... i am at Starbucks@sunway pyramid... just lazing around and enjoyin my coffee...


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

year 07

It's a brand new year!! 2006 is now over and today is the 2nd day of 2007...

*running around cheering*

so what's new in 2007?

- project at work gonna start soon...
- my pay raise is going to take effect...

hmmm i think that's all that i can think of for 2007...

but i enjoyed myself very very much on 2006...
those events that worth me remembering are :

- clubbing wif frens! (and got drunk once)
- eating EARTHQUAKE in swensens
- graduation [Convocation 2006]
- got a job b4 graduation
- playing Dota wif frens till late nite!!
- having new house mate! (a2-8-7)
- worked with Seed Communication (lumut, Superman roadshow, Putrajaya)
- met Emi Fujita @ hardrock cafe, Kuala Lumpur (got her signature on the cd and ipod)
- MASUM Penang Circuit (had fun and got to know some new frens there... eg. Jovean from UTM, kee tjuen from UPM and etc)
- MMU-Rakan Muda Swimming Carnival 06
- UNite'06
- MMU Awards Night 2005/2006
- doing FYP
- studying for finals... (final exam of final sem)
- Redang trip
- Conquered Mount Kinabalu and traveled around Sabah
- got certified as a Java programmer
- got my raise!!!

Happy !!!