Thursday, February 14, 2008

9th Day of CNY

hey hey family and friends... Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
May your mouse year be prosperous, healthy, blessed and well!!!

Today is one day after the v-day... which is also called the Singles Awareness Day according to some friends.. hahaha and also chap si-fatt day created by some colleagues...(he only knows why) haha...

oh well... saw many girls with bouquet of flowers walking on the streets... how sweet! :D

anyway... today is the 9th day of Lunar new year.. Today is the birthday of the Jade Emperor... which better known as Tian-Gong (天公)...
which also a very Blessed and memorable day for Hokkiens!
There is a history behind it!... (i just got to know from my dad just now :P) I have been blur for 23 years~

anyway... the Story sounds like this...

Hokkiens was hunt and attacked by Song Dynasty's Mongolian(thanx to jane for the correction) troops.

In order to avoid clashing (and mass killing) with the imperial armies,
the Hokkiens then fled to the Henan province where sugarcane plantation is abundance. There, the small group of surviving Hokkiens hid themselves among the sugarcane plants

The pursuing Imperial armies spent many days trying to locate them but to no avail. On the ninth day on the Lunar New Year, they gave up and retreat back to base.
Hokkiens are glad that they are safe because of the blessing from the God of the Sky ...

This was the day that the hokkien was blessed and it's the Jade Emperor's birthday...

text was extracted from

From now onwards, i will appreciate this day better! :)

Happy New Year to ALL!!!!