Sunday, March 30, 2008


what i wanna do in a very near future... eg. in a week's or a month's time

in very very very near future
have my scbcd exam which is on 31st of March 2008 14:45 +8GMT failed :(
go to MMU campus to visit some lecturers

in very near future
donate some blood.
watch a movie in cinema.
finish assembling my bike.
visit lammaychu in sg.
have all accommodation booked in Bkk, SR, PP, and HCM city.
learn up some Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese phrases.
read about the history of SiemReap.
finish up my part on Data Conversion for AmWINS.
buy a haversack.
extra battery for G9. done! but it cost me soooo much :(
get ready for trip.

in near future
have my long planned trip to Bkk, SR, PP, and HCM city.
train up my stamina.
go diving and take up Advance Open Water Diver.
go rockclimbing and finish up the xx40 route...
train up for marathon...
sees lilo when she comes bek to msia from alibaba land...
get a hug.. from lilo mayb :P?

in future
take up a ballroom dance lesson.
learn an extra language.
learn the art of speaking, and corresponding.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


stress have been building up lately... at times, we do felt that we are incompetent of what we are doing...

what we were expected to do... and what we wanted to do...

But.. to my surprise, this is a common feeling normal for people who really wants to bring the best out of themself...

there is few reason why this category of people do feel stressful...
because of

and also


hmm well folks, try to relax... plan your steps... take good care of urself... relax when we should.

always have play time and work time separated.

this is life... we experience alot of UPs and DOWNs... just like a SINE GRAPH... this is the LAW of LIFE... we have to life through it no matter what... try to accept it... :)

last few weeks, when i was stationed at data center, i made some new friends. there were one guy that told me this...

Life is like a journey... journey with alot of decision to be made... some road comes with an expected outcome and some doesn't come with a visible ones...
each chosen path has it pros and cons...

some are straight like a 10 lane autobahn that allows u to speed through it and reach the destination without much obstacles and adventure.. plain and dull...and left thinking.. what's next and what have i missed??

OR some... which is like a hiking up the everest, going through gobi desert/australian outback/arabian desert, rafting through rough sea and going through snow and storm... Having victory scars and scratches everywhere...

think about it...
it's left for you to decide what kind of adventure that u are seeking...

keep on improving...
set a target... and work towards it~