Saturday, September 20, 2008

A calm and serene place

Latitude :: N 5˚45'52.5"
Longitude :: E 103˚01'36.2"

as known as Redang Island~!

hehe... am here today for PADI Advance Open Water certification which consist of ::
1) Night Dive
2) Deep Dive
3) Peak Performance Buoyancy
4) Multilevel Dive
5) Navigation Dive

i had my night dive today~ I felt pretty afraid at first... but as we submerge into the water wif our dive light, the feeling was terrific!!!

everything underwater become so different... as we could only see and concentrate on where we our torch light beam shines~
which makes us dive slower to look for interesting things under the corals, in between rocks, on the sandy bottom and etc...

During this dive, I first saw an Sand Eel... it's a white colour eel with it's body stucked under the sand.. just leaving the head above the sand~ very small fellow.. very cute!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

what do u think about NATO?~

Have u heard about NATO?? where everyone there just talk talk and more talking... but nooo... what i meant here is not the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.. u shud know what do i mean...

someone once told me... we should not shoot on our own leg when we want something to success.. oh yes... i well agree on that...

but what really happen was... he shoot himself on his own blady leg~!!

how can we have confidence in him... all his "wonderful" and persuasive words... but finally... it's just merely a pecks of erm.. how shud i put it? deceiving words?

one thing i would really pantang at work is... we are not being able to receive the lease amount of credit for the huge amount of hard work, scarifies that we have contributed because some particular ppl asked for many last minutes favor even we do really go way off our path to help them... work till late nite because of "FAVOR"... but in the end.. we are just being left at the side... unnoticed~ when everybody is happily being credited...

oh well... i wouldn't blame them for being forgetful... or even choose to forget and ignore what ever last minute favor that they always ask... but it will come to a point where.. they were reminded and told about the having the appreciation thoughts... they just merely ignore it... that's something totally unacceptable...

and we always hear good things... lots of promises when they want our help to get their things done... but... now... i wonder,how many of them are sincere praises...
I have NO IDEA~!!!!

are we jz not good enough for them? or some other reason?