Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of the year... 2008~

when it comes to the last day of the year... it always makes me think.. what have i done and achieve this whole year...

so here's a whole list of thingy that kept me bz whole year...

- First time travelling to cyberjaya via KL-Putrajaya Highway
- Plan for Backpack travel for May 2008
- Gave my first ever Workflow training

- Started studying for SCBCD examination.

- Study really hard for SCBCD
- Partied hard on many many weekends

- Failed SCBCD exam by 5%
- House got burgled.. big lost to my family’s belongings

- 11 days of Backpack travelling from 30th April – 10th May with ET to Bangkok, Arayanpratet , Siem Reap, HCMC, Phenom Penh… thrilling n great life experience…

- Dived perhentian with Sista, Shereen n Werm at Watercolours.. DM Simone ! you rox!
- Had the thought of leaving eBworx… was frustrated wif a lot of things then…

- Went diving with an old gang of MMU friends [Agatha, AunLiang, Jane, Kenny,MoonJen] at redangkalong, had great fun but got stung by jellyfish… :-s
- eBworx Annual Dinner @ Saujana~
- Dinner at Teluk Gong, continued with photographing in Putrajaya, then Genting… all in 1 night… (Dinner : ChaiChin, MeiEe, ChiaHeng,Aenex,Nanthiya,Ronnie], [Putra&Genting: ChiaHeng,Aenex,Nanthiya,Ronnie]

- Was elected as the President of Sport & Recreational Club of eBworx
- Conquered Bukit Tabur on 30th August with ET and TF… the view up there overlooking the Klang gate dam is marvelous.
- Rolled out from AmWINS project and joined TSU Team.
- Went to experience the merdeka Parade in Dataran Merdeka with TengFoong and WaiMei… It has been years!

- Earned my Advance Diving License with Kenny & MoonJen at RedangKalong
- AmWINS Dinner @ Saisaki… Konyaku jelly… sedaps.. thank you Ah May!!!
- Movies at GSC Signature courtesy of ABMB PM!!
- SkyTrex with CIMB Team… finally… I m reminded with the feeling of being on a flying fox once again!!! Great one…

- Went on a family trip to Tioman Island, spent a day diving another day snorkeling, it was terrific fun!!
- First activity of eBFun Club.. Hiking to Bukit Gasing… 15 of us!

- eBworx Paintball event @ Bukit Jalil.. 49 person participated… great fun~
- Celebrated my 24th birthday… all the wishes was remarkable.
- Celebrated group bday with MeiSiang and SzeYin with Wannie, Eugene, LeeWen, Danny.
- Choywan planned for dinner wif colleague gang
- Birthday nite dinner wif Yan at starhill gallery… it wus disastrous as it wus raining n very bad jam.. but the company of Yan was superb.
- Started having squash session!

- Yew kai’s wedding dinner… oh.. first time had vegetarian wedding dinner.. a lot of gluten wey!!
- Started rock climbing once again…
- Christmas party @ eBworx on 18th December… it wus fun~… great experience…
- Hiking hiking kat Bukit Gasing. 8 of us went!
- Makan minum wif KY n Eugene at Italianese, The Gardens… annual gathering according to them… oh.. it has been a year… it's great fun with Powerball... haha

although y2008 has alot of pleasant and unpleasant experience, let's put those unpleasant ones behind and have those pleasant ones be our forward pushing force for y2009

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


lately, lots of celebrations~

birthday.. christmas.. and it's not easy to pick a present that someone will really like..

so to ease people who wanna buy me presents... here i present you... my wish list that i will update from time to time :P

This list consist of items of all price range... :p

Billabong black hooded jacket
Billabong tee
ATC set
Polar Heart Rate Monitor
Nikon D90 - bought!!! :D *yippie*
Fabel Castell mechanical pencil - i lost mine :(
Oakley sunglasses - i misplaced it recently again !!! :((
Digital alarm clock
Book - Titled :: [The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary]
Columbia Hiking antibacteria socks
Waterproof Glove for hiking cold n wet places - bought on Feb 09
a Scuba diving trip to Sipadan Water Village :D
a scuba diving trip + surfing lesson to bali :D
Nespresso machine!!
Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator
Atomic Aquatics Fin's spring strap
Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask
Atomic Aquatics SVs Flex Snorkel or Tusa Snorkel - got Atomics SV1 from DD
Underwater camera strobe set
Tennis racquet - Wilson [K]Pro Team - rm380
Tennis balls - got 5 tubes ady
a billabong pencil case
Dive log folder - got it already!! 14-feb-09 - Rm65
Camping Gaz twister 270 stove
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Wide Angle Auto Focus Nikkor Lens
Nikon SB-900 Speedlight
67mm Hoya CPL

hehe.. that's the list of things that i could think of and i need now... will remove and update the list from time to time :P

Thank you all :D *wink wink*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is ard the corner...~

after some not so pleasing moments... something more pleasing is coming up~

christmas is around the corner... Christmas used to be my happiest moment of the year... since ever i was a kid, i always liked christmas... i dunno why... probably i just like the cartoons then...

but as i grew up... i read alot of stories about christmas... as it's a season for loving n kindness... n to tell the truth about feelings... i fell in love with the idea...

i like christmas... i can listen to christmas song anytime ard the year... i like the christmas decoration in the malls as it makes me felt so warm inside...

but... weird that this year i do not feel so happy as usual... i just don't feel the mood... no a single tingling christmas mood... probably due the problems that have kept me bz from thinking any other things.. but... i guess i choose not to think about it and just look forward.. instead of worrying about the problem.. why not find a way out of it?

i think i will start enjoying my christmas season all over again starting from tomolo~ it's a public holiday for selangor! i shall n i will... afterall, christmas only come once a year.. why waste it?

planning an up coming christmas party for eBworx... hopefully it will be good!
looking forward for it and can't wait~ christmas!!!

so what's ur idea of christmas?