Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jalan jalan berhiking @ Broga Hill

On last sunday.. together with some friends went hiking to broga hill... aka bukit full of lalang

a green green hill where it looks like u can "kush kush ko ta hei" up there

Broga hill is located at Semenyih... gotta pass by University of Nottingham.. then drive up another KM, we will arrive at a Rabbit Farm... then opposite there is a oil palm plantation.. that's where we parked our cars and start the hike...

we were supposed to meet up barney and gang at University of Nottingham at ard 645am.. but due to some delay.. we arrived slightly later than expected...

we then drove to the entrance of Broga Hill without further ado.. we gotta hike along the oil palm plantation, then a lil of jungle route before we could see the beautiful greenery of Broga Hill...

the place is pretty slippery esp after rain... so it's advisable to bring along a hiking pole for betta support...

there are 3 peaks at Broga Hill... first n 2nd peak is easy to reach... [2nd peak is the one with Malaysia flag planted]... but the 3rd peak, it's slope is pretty slippery and not so easy to reach... but it's nice to reach there..

Have fun hiking~

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

new year... 2009~

First n foremost.. Happy New Year... hopefully year 2009 will be filled with Joy, Happiness, Blessing, Love and Excellent Health...

every year... on the beginning of the new year... everyone will be talking about new year resolution...

so this year.. i will do the same tooo.. to at least have a check list what that i want to achieve this year...

1) learn tennis
2) improve on rock climbing..
3) pass SCBCD exam
4) be a certified Oracle/Bea Weblogic Administrator
5) learn up IBM Websphere
6) learn up a musical instrument
7) learn how to do budgeting and control on spending
8) be a better son, brother and friend
9) read at least 20 books
10) save up at least another 5k
11) eat healthier
12) take 2 weeks off to backpack
13) do volunteering work
14) do lotsa hiking.. probably at least 20 this year
15) take care of myself emotionally, mentally and physically
16) learn the art of approaching and interacting with people... leaving a very good first impression
17) improve in observing gesture and body language
18) improve my memory.. in remembering things
19) visit oinky-wy at Pg... (newly added)